About us

The Sama Priroda company is our opportunity to create and transfer a product that helps in the improvement and prevention of the health of every person, creating conditions for active longevity.
Using practical experience and knowledge, we develop unique products that work in the following areas:
Improving the body through complex cleansing, getting rid of pathogenic microflora and neoplasms;
Improving the functioning of organs and systems, as well as their renewal at the cellular level;
Regeneration and rejuvenation of all structures of external aesthetics;
Prevention of various diseases, restoring the balance of the body at all levels.
Our production produces more than 200 types of certified products. Today we work with 25 countries and 170 cities in the world.
The combination of a research approach, practical activities in the field of health improvement, sincere concern for people allows us to produce a high-quality and effective product, given to us by Nature itself.

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Our company began its history in 2014, having created its own production base in the city of Novorossiysk on the basis of successful work in the field of people’s health.
The founder of the Sama Priroda Company, Eduard Yuryevich Metelkin, is a highly qualified specialist in herbal medicine, naturopathy, as well as the author of a unique healing method.
He has more than 15 years of practical experience in the field of natural healing of people, he conducts individual consultations and conducts wellness practices. Our supervisor is currently pursuing a PhD in Naturopathy in London, UK.
Our team as a whole is an organization that combines several areas of activity in the natural, natural, health of people.
In December 2019. the Health Planet charitable foundation officially began its work to help children with developmental disabilities (cerebral palsy, autism, etc.).
We also carry the concept of a natural, multi-faceted approach to wellness at a high level. We participate in various exhibitions and events in the field of health and longevity.
Based on the experience and knowledge gained, we develop programs and conduct research for specialists in the field of wellness.

Principles of production

The composition of the product is a unique author’s development, secured by the relevant production documentation and certificates.
We are constantly conducting research and development in the field of natural healing, taking various kinds of components from Nature and creating a new product.

Our procurement teams collect raw materials from the Far East to the Crimea. We never add chemical components such as colorants or fragrances. All raw materials are tested for the presence of harmful substances, including natural ones, and a thorough check is carried out under the constant supervision of the production manager.

All our products are made using only natural technologies. For example, we press oil on an oak press, which is not heated. The spin takes place only once. Thus, the oil does not come into contact with metal or plastic at any stage of its production.
Both production and packaging are done by hand. This allows you to always control the process and quality of production, as well as invest your state of love and care for people.

THE CONCEPT of Sama Priroda

We, employees of the Sama Priroda company, headed by the head Eduard Yuryevich Metelkin, stand up for a healthy lifestyle and work for the health of future generations, for the health, development and prosperity of people living on this Planet in harmony with Nature.
Our mission:
Create a product that helps in health improvement and prevention
health of the entire Planet, creating conditions for active longevity
person, which in turn makes it possible to realize their
purpose and potential.
Our goals:
To acquaint people with information about the healing benefits of Nature;
Provide products for health and active longevity;
Help in improving the health of everyone who applies.

We are a team, therefore all the victories of one employee are the victories of the whole team, and the victories of the team are the personal victory of each.

Our Principles :
Sincerity to yourself and others;
Hard work and patience;
Curiosity and openness to the world.
Our Rules:
Respectful attitude to each employee and client;
Awareness of the importance of each employee and each work process;
Purity of thoughts and purity around oneself;
Responsibility for your segment of work;
Positive attitude;
Development of labor and creative abilities.

Nature gives people health, and we, as intermediaries, carry
responsibility for this force of Nature to come to people in their homes and
families in an unchanged state.

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