We are always open to honest and open cooperation with people and companies.
Based on the constantly acquired experience and knowledge in the field of wellness and aesthetics, we develop programs and conduct research for specialists in this field.
Today we have long-term and fruitful experience in the field of cooperation with such partners as: Russian Roots Company, Svarga School of Integral Development, Rosa Khutor Ski Resort, Murmansk Medical Technique Center, Dzhagannat Center for Healthy Nutrition and Communication “, Retail chain” Olive Branch “, Trading network” Krasnodar Tea “, Orthodox complex Svyataya Ruchka and other companies, as well as masters in the field of health and aesthetics.

We invite you to cooperate too!

Chains, shops, online stores:
Joint purchases
Wellness centers, retreat centers, massage parlors, beauty salons, fitness clubs, as well as masters in this direction:
Eco-bloggers, and other stakeholders who are willing to give an honest, open overview of products and highlight information to people.
Other individuals and organizations that have a response to the sale and promotion of our products.

For our part, we offer options for the following cooperation :

Wholesale supply of the Sama Priroda brand. Our specialists will familiarize you with the features of the assortment at a convenient time for you, there is also the possibility of remotely training your employees on competent presentations of health programs;
Contract manufacturing of a product according to your parameters. We can manufacture branded products or develop an individual product for you, as well as a complex aimed at a specific result.
The format of the ready-made business “startup”. We offer ready-made folding showcases for rent with a set of our products for subsequent sale.