Hello, friends! My name is Eduard Metelkin . I am a natural health specialist.

For many years I have been engaged in the natural healing of people. Today, my goal and opportunities are the same! This is help and support in restoring the health of people, regardless of age and their diseases.

On my information channels you can see the results of working with people through natural processes. I have been developing in this area of ​​activity for over 15 years.

Therefore, my friends, do not hesitate, contact, use my knowledge and heal with natural therapy. Glad to be of service to you!
I wish you health and longevity from Nature Itself!

Respectfully yours, natural restoration specialist, Eduard Yurievich Metolkin.

Each of us is unique in nature and condition. Therefore, to restore your health, we offer a professional comprehensive approach of a specialist in this area – Eduard Yuryevich Metelkin.

International specialist in natural healing

• Acting member of the National Association of Traditional Medicine

• Acting member of the professional association of visceral therapists in Russia.

• Member of the All-Russian Public Movement “For the Preservation of the People”

• Certified international specialist in the field of body rejuvenation.

• Author of the techniques “Remote body correction”, “Dynamic meditation” and “Transition to live nutrition through herbal medicine”

• Energy security officer who passed the Iron Shirt exam.

• Family man, husband, father of 5 children

• Founder of the production complex “Sama Priroda”

• Founder of the Health Planet Health Center

• Founder of the Health Planet Charitable Foundation

How to prepare for a consultation:

– fill out the questionnaire provided to you

– transfer the available analyzes and conclusions

– agree on the time of the consultation

What is included in the consultation:

– diagnostics of the state of health for all systems of the body

– identifying the causes of disorders in the functioning of the body

– the appointment of a health-improving course of the program of natural natural healing, based on the current state of a person, his type of activity, region of residence.

Consultation cost 6000 rubles

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4 icons

1 Professionalism. Accredited wellness specialist with a long track record of successful practice

  1. Versatility

Comprehensive approach to the human body and life. During the practice, a healthy lifestyle and a harmonious state are built.

  1. Versatility

In health improvement, methods are used that are suitable for any person, regardless of age, current state of health.

  1. Relevance

Health is the most essential resource for a successful life. Nature and knowledge from a specialist will allow you to find it.