Energy-informational device for Women

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This device:

it aligns and puts in order the work of the chakras, internal systems of the body,
aligns the human biorhythms,
triggers the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation.

– Increases physical and mental endurance;
– Protects against the effects of external negative factors
– Equalizes the internal state of a person
– Improves the functioning of a woman’s hormonal and reproductive system
– Raises the immune system
– Restores the work of the brain
– Improves the functioning of internal organs and human systems
– Natural power engineer

This device will help if you have:
* negative effects of the external environment and internal destructive states,
* headaches,
* chronic fatigue,
* pain in various places of the body,
* nervousness, irritability,
* overexertion, overwork,
* nervous breakdowns, depression, panic attacks,
* viral diseases,
* chronic diseases of internal organs.

This device will increase your performance and improve your condition during mental work, physical exertion, and meditation practices.

The device is safe, hypoallergenic, can be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers.
It is possible to use it for people from 14 years old
Shelf life: indefinite.


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